Phapassorn Benjavorn

General & Reinsurance Manager
Since joining LawtonAsia, Khun Phapassorn has brought her skills in marketing and analytics to manage many clients. Rising thought the company she now leads the General Insurance Department, providing insurance options and best services for international schools and companies. With strong working background with international companies, she brought her working and studying experiences in USA to work with many well-known global brands like St.Regis, Prada, and trading solutions like Horizon Software.

Working Experience

Khun Phapassorn starting her career in the hospitality industry working for the St Regis Hotel and Horizon. After returning from the USA she worked in the marketing and Human Resources departments of a number of international companies, including an international IT company with an office here in Bangkok. Since joining LawtonAsia she has continued to develop her inter-personal skills and has worked with many clients at the highest level.

License & Certification

LIFE INSURANCE No. 63030047691