Serving the international and local communities in Thailand for nearly two decade LawtonAsia has earned a reputation for sensible, straightforward advice. We can provide you with corporate and individual insurance solutions, plus guide you through all aspects of financial planning from fund management to retirement provision

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A leading independent insurance broker operating in Thailand for over a decade. LawtonAsia services the needs of a diverse range of clients from individuals and schools seeking international healthcare to SMEs and multinational corporations requiring employee benefits and risk management.  As a member of Asinta and International Benefits Network (IBN), LawtonAsia can also provide broking and corporate consultancy services anywhere in the world.


A global network of independent health and welfare benefit advisors and insurance brokers. Asinta affiliates are selected on their reputations and their combined local and global consulting expertise. Asinta represents over 1,290 multinational companies with a combined workforce of 2.8 million. Asinta is headquartered in Seattle, USA.