If personal, work, or family issues are affecting the wellbeing or productivity of your staff, they can access much-needed counseling from our employee support facility.


To succeed in business you need to look after the wellbeing of your employees.  If personal, work, or family issues start affecting their performance you need to act.

LawtonAsia was one of the first brokers in Thailand to provide employee support services for companies.

Our Employee Assistance Program – LAPlus – operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you enlist your company in the program, your employees gain access to counseling and emergency telephone services. They can receive work-life support, including educational, financial, and legal advice.

A happy healthy workforce is the basis of a good company.

Service details:

Concierge Services:

With LawtonAsia, help is always on hand. We provide both a referral hot-line and emergency telephone services, such as a number to call to find the nearest hospital if anything untoward happens when you’re traveling.

Work-life Support:

that includes educational support, information services, financial support services and legal support services.


Our qualified counselors provide empathetic guidance to help individuals find solutions to their problems. This guidance begins by identifying the skills, strengths, and resources that already exist within each person in need of support. By strengthening these traits and abilities, our counselors can provide comfort, stability, and improved wellbeing.

All counselors hold a recognized diploma in counseling, psychology, social work, or related mental health areas, and have at least five years of clinical experience. Services are provided independently, impartially, and confidentially to engender trust and ensure the best possible outcomes.

For more information about LAPlus please: Click here.

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