Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose LawtonAsia?

Because we offer impartial, practical advice based on your individual circumstances. We will discuss your requirements with you at length and then put together the right benefits to match both your needs and your budget; supported by top quality service.

What are the advantages of using an Independent Broker?

The most important is that we act on your behalf; not the insurer’s. You may be unsure as to what cover would be best for you. We can use our expert knowledge to tailor benefits to your needs and suggest areas of cover that you might not have considered (full cancer cover for instance) which might not be available when you buy direct from an insurer.

Will you help me if I make a claim?

LawtonAsia will always provide help and assistance, if and when you need to make a claim. We can help with completing claims forms and if there is any disagreement with the insurer we have an in-house claims department and consultant doctors to review your case and take the appropriate action.

How are you remunerated?

Either by commission or fees, or a combination of both.

What happens if I get repatriated?

We have reciprocal arrangements with insurers globally.